Join The Partisans – board game
Do you have what it takes
to become
the People’s hero?

Join the Partisans is a WW2 board game with a historical background
where players play as Slovene/Yugoslav Partisans in order to liberate their country.

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Join the partisans – board game

Roll the dice to win battles against the evil Axis powers,
answer quiz questions on WW2 and
perform various other tasks, including singing,
drawing or even preparing food for your fellow comrades,
all to win the liberation war!

Have fun while learning history
Relive exciting historical events
Spend great time with frinds and family
How to battle? Easy!

Each player starts with a set of:

one wooden Partisan figurine

one wooden white guard tower
one coloured guard tower
(red, orange, blue or green) 

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Get access to rare photos
of Yugoslav/Slovene partisans!

Sir Fitzroy Maclean’s understanding of the partisan movement
and its motivation:

“All had one thing in common:
an intense pride in their Movement and in its achievements.
For them, the outside world did not seem of immediate interest or importance.
What mattered was their War of National Liberation,
their struggle against the invader,
their victories, their sacrifices.
Of this, they were proudest of all, that they owed nothing to anyone;
that they had got so far without outside help.”

Complete more than 150 missions
(based on real events) from
General Headquarters (HQ).

Answer over 200 questions in The Partisan school!

And draw a Special ops card from the pile to:
Liberate the prisoners,
Blow up the bridge,
Evacuate the wounded,
Destroy the enemy airfield…
and many more.

And yes… can put them on your chest!

During WW2 lots of brave people from different nationalities managed to join partisan forces in Yugoslavia.
Here are some of them:

Author: Darko Nikolovski

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